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History and Etymology for rouge. French, from Middle French, from rouge red, from Latin rubeus reddish - more at ruby. Learn More About rouge. Post the Definition of rouge to Facebook Share the Definition of rouge on Twitter Time Traveler for rouge.
Rouge Tomate.
In 2015 Alex won the title of San Pellegrino Best Young Chef for the Benelux region, and he was voted fourth best young chef in the world at the international final in Milan. Alex Joseph and Thierry Naoum are the owners of Rouge Tomate Brussels with Alex in charge of the kitchen and Thierry taking care of management, together they lead the restaurant with rigour and passion.
Rouge cosmetics Wikipedia.
When the fashion trend of matching lipsticks with nail polish took hold and the color range of lipstick increased, people no longer used the term to identify lip color. The shade range for blush generally remained limited, keeping the name rouge.
ROUGE metric Wikipedia.
ROUGE, or Recall-Oriented Understudy for Gisting Evaluation, 1 is a set of metrics and a software package used for evaluating automatic summarization and machine translation software in natural language processing. The metrics compare an automatically produced summary or translation against a reference or a set of references human-produced summary or translation.
Rouge film Wikipedia.
Rouge Chinese: pinyin: Ynzh kòu; Cantonese Yale: Yìnjì kau; Jyutping: Jin1zi1 kau3 is a 1988 Hong Kong film, directed by Stanley Kwan. The movie is the adaptation of a novel with the same title by Lilian Lee. 2 Cast includes.
Rouge Wikipedia.
Rouge German duo, an offshoot of the group Arabesque. Rouge rapper, South African female rapper. Rouge group, a Brazilian girl group 20022006, 20172019. Rouge Rouge album, a 2002 album by pop group Rouge. Rouge, an American band performing with Desmond Child.

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